Club Constitution

The Club Constitution is the foundation on which BudSoc is built on. It is important that it is a easy to understand and fair. When our objectives are clear and policies are put in place then together, as a club, we can confidently make headway towards legalisation.


The Cannalibrary is an easy-to-use library of the club's collective resources on cannabis topics, It also provides credibility for the club as a bona fide advocacy group.

The library is organized into 6 folders and a links file. The categories are:

  • - Health and Science (Which covers the medical aspects of marijuana)
  • - Socioeconomics (Which covers social and economic effects of cannabis)
  • - Law and Politics (Which covers the legal and political aspects)
  • - Applications of Hemp (Which covers various material and industrial uses of hemp)
  • - Culture and Assorted (Which covers things such as art, jokes, "high culture", and so on)
  • - The Devil's Advocacy (Which covers articles against marijuana).

Other Useful Links

  • - Erowid: Goto site for any drug related questions.
  • - MollyMeasure: Handy online calculater to work out your optimal dose of MDMA based on bodyweight.
  • - EZTest: New Zealand based site for EZTest, a company that provides tests for multiple substances.