Merchandise is a major income for clubs at UC. BUDSOC currently does not have any established merchandise but it is a priority for the 2018 exec. A significant amount of time and money needs to be invested to establish a line of merchandise. The amount and range of products will be heavily dependent on the amount of money the club can raise through sponsorship, signups and other events.

At the moment we are planning on selling custom made rolling papers containing the BudSoc logo. These would come with cardboard tips and are larger than the usual papers. If we have enough interest there is also a possibility of producing a four piece tobacco grinder with the BudSoc logo on the top. There has also been interest in "BudSocks", custom lighters and t-shirts. Plans will be finalised in the upcoming AGM. Check back mid 2018 for a list of items and their prices. If you have any merchandise ideas or comments, please contact us.