Although we are listed as a political club, we understand that to make a political movement we need to remove the negative stigma attached to cannabis. We aim to provide a comfortable environment where members can socialise with eachother through our various events and show you that even the most unexpected people support a reformation of drug policies.


BudSoc believes that cannabis use should be legalized. We accept that not everyone feels the same way but we make it our goal to change the general consensus and ultimately acheive a reform of the current laws around cannabis. This is done by educating the uninformed and providing scientifically validated facts and figures relating to cannabis.


Currently, the government attempts to mitigate drug-related harm by trying to stop use altogther. We at BudSoc are not naive to the fact that illicit drug use happens around us everyday regardless of legal status. Although we do not condone any illegal activity, on this site we provide resources about safe drug use and places to acquire drug testing kits in New Zealand

Welcome to the website of the University of Canterbury Bud Society, or in short BUDSOC. BUDSOC is a non-profit, student-run organisation whose objective is to promote the legalisation of cannabis and to educate the wider community about the multitude of beneficial uses for cannabis. Membership to the club is open to anyone, whether you're a UC student or not. The club is currently undergoing a major overhaul and will be coming at you hot in 2018. We are planning on establishing multiple annual events, as well as some fresh new merchandise. Until then, feel free to take a look around and if you'd like to, signup. You can meet up with the club in Ilam gardens every Friday at 4:20pm. The exact location can be found here. Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news and events. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.